Eureka Montana - including Fortine, Trego, Rexford and the West Kootenai

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Local Eureka Group Providing Solutions:

Law Enforcement - Legal System Changes - Alternatives for Kids - Counseling 


Alternative Ideas - Alternatives for Kids

Youth Center
Need: Land, Building
Contact Lowes, Home Depot, Western Building for donations
Money was donated long ago, what happened to it?
Assembly of God Church
Volunteers to start but need paid help to continue program
Power House coordination possible?
Activities in different locations to start
Roller Skating
Climbing Wall
Frisbee Golf Course

How to Help...  Email us

Hang Out Space
Get supervisors to monitor the historical Village / Park to allow kids a hang out space now
Contact their Committee
Entrance Congestion
Reword Signs
Trash containers emptied

Arrange a longer term hang out space maybe with a community center and large parking lot


How to Help...  Email us

Arts and Drama Club
Community based arts and drama programs
Income from theatrical production ticket sales provides funding
Income from advertising and sponsors provides funding
Music, theater, arts, dance, Missoula children's theater, cultural arts, Talent Shows, making a video, 
Cable channel activities
Creative Arts Center Expansion


How to Help...  Email us

Create a program to help kids get employed both here and in the Flathead
Group bussing to Flathead paid by those businesses. McDonalds, Wal-mart, etc
Create a jobs program, Job Fair in the school, 
Economic development council and local chamber of commerce


How to Help...  Email us

Youth Mentoring Programs
Big Brother / Big Sister Programs
Involve Key Club and Student Council
Boys and Girls Clubs


How to Help...  Email us

Funding, Funding, Funding...
What can be done this Summer?
Whatever happens, start programs in Elementary and Jr. High before the kids get in trouble.
What are requirements or minimum behaviors required?
What is a programs Plan "B" in case of failure?
What are practical solutions that can be put into action?
Whatever program is started, we must have volunteers to start, but need paid help to continue program

Survey 2000 - Results
Almost 30% of students in grades 6-12 are often or always bored outside of school.
Almost 45% of students in grades 6-12 say often or always it seems there is nothing to do besides hang out.

The number 1 and 2 most popular ideas/activity response was 
Swimming Pool/Swimming Team
Community-based Arcade/Teen/Activity/Sports/Recreation Center



How to Help...  Email us





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